Bhagawan Speaks...

“ The sun does not need to prove itself to the rest of the living beings. All living organisms need the sun and they need to sense and be aware of its existence. That is essential for them and it is their responsibility. Similarly, a saint need not prove to anyone that he is a saint. There is no need for that. Because, the sun and a saint are complete. They are immersed in their uniqueness. Their job is not to make others understand them.

Does a rose plant adopt any tricks to make itself attractive to people.?? Does it adopt a strategy to make itself understood by others? It is immersed in its uniqueness and meditative state. A saint is also like a rose plant or a sun.”

Bhagawan ShreeSathyam

This website has been created as an introduction to a living incarnation who is spreading His message and creating changes among us and the rest of this world. All this without us even realizing it.!! As he himself has declared, a saint need not prove himself to the world... it is upto all of us to understand and realise Him. We earnestly hope that this website opens a window of opportunity to each visitor, to know about Bhagawan ShreeSathyam. More than that,we hope you are able to realize Him in your lives, wherever you are…..

Bhagawan Shree Sathyam is our contemporary spiritual treasure…..Let us safeguard and utilize Him.

I am waiting

  • I am waiting………

    Every time when I take an incarnation….
    For those dear co-workers who join me in wordly service……
    You would know many of them……!
    Among them, many are formless and many are with forms…..
    Some are living as one amongst you!
    I welcome those who awaken and join at different stages…
    I await those who are yet to come……..!!